21 Signs A Girl Seriously Likes You

If are someone who does not have any girlfriend, you can get someone special in your life by knowing what girls like in a boy. You just need to make a few changes in yourself and get eligible for a beautiful girl in your life. Friendship between a boy and a girl is common but how to take it further is not so easy to understand. During your conversation, you have to judge whether she likes you or not. Love is something that you can get only by taking decisions at the right time. Don’t miss any opportunity, but you have to wait for the right time to propose the girl. You can also give indirect hint to the girl that you like her. However, ensure to be gentle and don’t make her realize that you are flirting.

These are the signs to find if a girl seriously likes you:

1. Proper Response:

First of all, it is important to have a proper communication. This should be the first parameter to start a relationship. If a girl is responding you properly with open ended question, understand that she is interested to talk to you. On the other hand, if a girl is replying you in low sound or just close ended words, she has no interest in you.

2. Initiate The Talk:

If she is taking initiative to talk to you, you’ll also get feeling that she is interested in you. One side talk is not good to being a good relation.

3. Try to Know About You:

If she is asking you questions about what you are doing, how you are feeling and other questions that are related to you, she is interested in you. Any girl wants to deeply show interest in someone mostly when she likes a boy.

4. How Much Time She Spends With You:

If she spends more time with you, she must be interested in you. The time duration is an essential aspect that can help you judge if she really likes you.

5. She Gives You Her Phone No:

Girls may add you on Facebook, but they don’t share their phone number so easily. And if she gives you, it is a sign she like and trust you.

6. She Introduces You To Her Family or Friends:

If any girl introduces you to her family or friends, it is a positive sign. Never miss such opportunity and propose her.

7. Touches You Often:

If she never misses any opportunity to touch you, she likes you. Touch her back and pass the smooth feeling of love.

8. She Likes To Copy You:

If she mimics you, she likes your behaviour and the way you act. It is a good chance to make her feel special for you.

9. She Feels Jealous To See You With Other Girls:

Feeling jealousy is that she wants only and don’t want any other girl to contact you.

10. She Enjoys Your Jokes:

If she likes your jokes and makes her feel rejuvenated, it is a good for the beginning of a love relation.

11. Flirts Openly:

Flirting with a guy by a girl is something that is rare and that too openly anywhere. She must be having interest in you that you need to understand and tap the right opportunity.

12. She Talks About You:

If a girl often talk about you and try to connect you with every topic while talking to her friends or family, she must think a lot about you. She will be having a strong feeling for you.

13. She Wants To Meet You Often:

In this busy world, nobody has time for others and if a girl wants to meet you often and spend good time with you, you should also spend some good moments with her.

14. She Takes Care of Her Looks In Front of You:

Whenever she meets you, she dresses up attractively and beautifies her with cosmetics and jewelleries. If yes, she wants to grab your attention.

15. Seduce You:

A girl likes to seduce a boy when she wants to make a relationship with him. Just catch the opportunity and let her continue her seductive stunt.

16. She Plays To Get You:

If she plays all sorts of games to get you, she loves you. But here you have to be careful because she may be madly in love with you. In such one sided love, girls can do anything to get you.

17. She Feel Comfortable With You:

Comfort between two individuals is rare and if she feels comfortable with you, she can be your good partner.

18. She Helps You Unconditionally:

If any girl helps you even in tough conditions, she likes you a lot.

19. She Cares For You:

Caring behaviour of a girl for you is a great sign to fall in love. Make a right decision and let the girl come in your life.

20. She Remembers Your Birthday:

Birthday is really a special day in everyone’s life. And if a girl remembers your birthday, she really cares for you.

21. She Talks About Future With You:

If she realises you about the future often, she wants to be with in future. Just spend adequate time with her and talk about the future and then propose her.