20 Creative Writing Jobs and Tips for Beginners

What is Creative Writing?

Writers express their emotions, feelings and thoughts in creative writing instead of simply conveying their message. Being a creative writer, you may need to face many challenges. However, it is rewarding, fun-loving and immensely interesting for writers.

Do you have interest to become a creative writer? If yes, you can consider it as your career because these days there are many creative writing jobs available in the market.

If you have flair for writing since your childhood, you can convert it into a full time profession and get growth in your career. Creative writing is a broad profession which includes various jobs.

Creative writing is more a kind of art. However, it’s tough to earn great money from all the artworks. So, you have to be proficient enough to gain the attention of reader and also win their trust. It takes dedication, drive and hard work with lots of financial risks, willingness and spirit. So, be prepared for all these things. But if you succeed and get a good job, you can also earn handsome money.

There are many people who earn their livelihood from writing like journalists and novelists. But what about the other writing opportunities for people who have interest in creative writing?

A List of Creative Writing Opportunities

Here you can find a list of creative writing jobs to build your career in writing.

1. Creative Writing Consultant
2. Greeting Card Author
3. Advertising (Creative)
4. Comic Book Writer
5. Travel Writer (interested people in traveling can go for it)
6. Novelist
7. Screenwriter
8. Creativity Coach
9. Ghostwriter
10. Writing Coach
11. Playwright
12. Lyricist or songwriter
13. Columnist
14. Legacy Writer (you can write other’s family histories and bios)
15. Freelance Fiction Writer
16. Video Game Writer (comprises fiction/storytelling)
17. Blogger
18. Creative Writing Instructor
19. Personal Poet (you can write poems for childbirths, funerals, weddings etc.)
20. Article Writer

There are many people who are earning good money from these writing jobs. So, you can choose any of them as per your interest.

Tricks and Tips for Beginners

Carry a Notebook with You to Write Down Quick Ideas: At times, people get ideas by observing a few things in their surroundings. But after some time they forget those ideas and unable to recall. For creative writers it is a good trick to always carry a notebook. You can even come across ideas, dialogs, special words or phrases in buses, trains, shopping centers or any other places. So, make it as a regular practice and learn so many things.

Consider Short Writing Exercises: If you are not getting ideas, ensure that you read some useful writing tips. Make writing as your regular habit and write at least once in a day.

Do Experiments with Timing: You can get creative thoughts at any point of the day or night. Many writers consider a morning or late night time to write unique content. However, you should act smartly and change your writing timings and come up with something new.

Don’t Worry about Mistakes: When people write without any disturbance, the creative thoughts start coming out from inside. Everyone has something inside in his/her brain. If you apply your mind, you can not only produce creative write-ups but also make them popular. So, let your thoughts flow and write continuously. After finishing the writing, you should review or edit your write-up and rectify its errors.

Have Fun: You should enjoy your writing to get the expected result. Sometimes, it becomes a chore that you need to do anyhow. However, it is necessary to enjoy your time while working so that you can give 100% efforts.

Try to Write in Peace Atmosphere: When it comes to writing, you need to become very attentive. Sometimes, disturbances create a lot of problems. To get rid of them, you can go to a place wherein you can get mental peace. During that point of time, you can get more creative ideas.

Select Your Interest Related Topics: If you have interest in particular niches, choose those to write on. This is an advantageous way to produce thoughtful write-ups.

Think Deeply Before Starting: Knowledge is necessary to write niche content, but you can produce particular aspect in a better way only when you add something extra. So, be thoughtful and include something interesting.

Creative writing is a good profession that you can choose. The best part about is that it opens your mental blocks, and then you can think about particular situations in a better way.