20 Common Misconceptions About USA

USA is the world leader and every country wants a good relation with America. The country has huge potential to drive any country’s economy single-handedly. Twentieth century completely belonged to the USA which was the first country to reach Moon. Over the periods of time, the world has changed and now other countries are equally competent. Growth can be seen in other parts of the world as well. Still the importance of the US cannot be neglected in the global scale.


Misconceptions about America are not new. Different people have different thinking the USA but they don’t do the reality test before getting a conception about the world leader.

Common Misconceptions About USA:

Guns: Foreigners always think that the US has a big market of weapons like gun. Consequently, the crime rate is also on the higher side. Though guns are easily gettable in the country, restrictions are also imposed by the government. Everyone cannot roam around carrying pistols, mainly after September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack. The security has been tightened and tourists can easily plan to visit America without any fear.

Only Country to Use Nuclear Weapons: The USA is the only country that used nuclear weapons in the history of mankind. At the end of World War II, America bombed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. All countries had criticized the US for doing such inhumane act that killed millions of people. That mind-set about America still exists among so many people that the country uses its weapons for its own benefits. The on-going civil war in Syria and Iraq has also seen the bombing by the USA. Such acts are criticized at the global level. The concept of seeing this picture can be seen from another point of view as well. Terrorist groups like ISIS need to be vanished from earth and they will not understand from peaceful talks. America is taking strong actions against such terrorist groups with full force.

Racism: Due to a few racism instances, people from other parts of the world think that America is not a safe place for everyone. Racism was a big issue in old times, but now laws are very stringent for racism. Anybody find doing racism will go behind the bars. The media hype is something that makes a small issue into a cover story that creates a bad image of the country.

All Are Tall and White: People from Asian countries like India, China, Korea and Japan think that most of the Americans are white and tall and some black people live in specific locations. It’s purely a misconception. Homogenous cultures also exist in the US. Migration has also made the country a centre of all cultures.

Soccer Is Not Popular: American Football is different from usual football (soccer) that the world knows. Americans also play soccer and even its national team has participated in Soccer World Cup. Football leagues are popular in the USA and a decent crowd come to enjoy the sport.

All Are Sophisticated and Gentlemen: Though Americans are sophisticated, not all. All are not same as in other countries. It totally depends on the basic human nature that differs from person to person.

Rich People: When it comes to the USA, people start getting a thought that America is a rich country so it’s all citizens must be rich too. The fact is that jobless and poor people also live in the country, who are barely surviving.

Can’t Eat Spicy Food: Americans cannot deal with spicy food, which is the big misconception. Sit with some Americans and you will find out that they also like spicy foods. Even ethnic foods like Indian foods are very spicy, but tasty and Americans love to taste them.

Less Food Items: Readymade or packed food is the main food substance for Americans, that’s what people other parts of the world conceive. The fact is that mixed foodstuff can be found in the USA with a wide range of options to choose from. You can go to any good restaurant in the US and you’ll find out so many dishes in their menu.

Diversity in Culture Missing: Most of the people follow similar type of culture and they don’t have diversity in their culture. It’s totally a misconception that all Americans are into pop culture. Though the culture may look similar in the USA, many types of people from all parts of the world nowadays live in America so their distinguish cultures and customs have impacted the Native Americans and they have also started following diverse culture.

Not Family Oriented: System of joint family does not exist in America so people think that they do not care for their old parents. Family is priority for Americans too like others and they spend healthy time with their family members.

Excessive Use of Alcohol: American people love alcoholic drinks and enjoy parties, but not all. They are well aware of the harmful effects of alcohol and they care of their health more than others. They do go gym and do plenty of exercises to stay fit and live a healthy life.

Too Much Into Sex: It’s not that Americans are into sex every time. Sex is a part of life and they do it just like others. Show off does not mean they always think about sex.

People Go To Church Every Week: Christianity is the major religion in America, but all people are not too much into religion. Most of them do not go to the church every Sunday.

Think Foreigners Are Terrorists: The US has suffered a lot from terrorism due to outsiders, but still the country is standing united to fight against the evil. Americans don’t consider foreigners as terrorists and they properly behave with tourists and show their great hospitality.

Don’t Like Muslims: Some people start connecting a religion to terrorist which is totally wrong. No religion tells about terrorism. Islam is a religion of peace and Americans are educated enough to understand it. Americans know very well that a true Muslim will never get involved in terrorist activities and kill someone. Islam is equally treated in secular America.

All Have Cars: Cities like New York and Chicago cannot take the burden of millions of cars on roads at one time. The public transportation is designed properly in the US and all people do not prefer to drive to their office, school or college. They use public transport like bus, metro train or taxi to reach their destination. Walk is also preferred by Americans for short distance because they also want to remain fit and walking is the best exercise for the overall health benefit.

All Are Overweight: Obesity is a big concern in the USA but not everyone is suffering from it. The ratio of fat people is increasing due to monotonous job structure. Due to the awareness about health, now people do workouts and burn their extra fat.

Lacking Awareness About World: Many Americans don’t give damn to think about others and stay busy in their life so why they show interest to learn about world affairs. Due to globalization and social media, now Americans have also showing interested in the happening going in other parts of the world.

Violence Is Prevalent: Though violence can be seen in big American cities, security measures are also very tight. Police forces have latest equipment to deal with any violence. This is the reason why America is still safe after so many terrorist threats.