20 Common Misconceptions About India

India is a land of a number of untapped opportunities, where one can establish his/her own set up and get growth in life. With 1.2 billion people, the country has plenty of sources yet to be utilized with utmost potential. European and Americans mainly have misconception about India and its citizens.

Poor People: First and foremost thinking about India is that it has poor people. Though poor people live in the country like other countries, India has so many rich and stable citizens as well. Middle class people also survive a normal life with all required facilities of modern era.

Slow Development: India is one of the leading developing nations in the world. All data analysis proves that India has high growth rate. It is wrong to predict about any country and its citizens just by seeing it from outside.

India Smells Bad: How can the entire nation smell bad? May be certain area not smelling good due to hygiene issue but that does not all parts of the country has same problem. Clean India campaign is going a lot to make the country neat and clean.

Indian Is A Language: No, there is no language called Indian in fact India has more than 780 languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.

Every Indian Food Is Spicy: Whenever foreigners think about Indian food the first and foremost thing that comes in their mind is spicy. But it’s not true and all Indian food items are not spicy. In Indian restaurants you can check out menu and find many non-spicy dishes like aloo kofta, baingan ka bharta, etc.

Hot Weather: India has diversity in its weather. During summer season, the weather remains hot but winter comes with cold. Monsoon is the rainy season in India.

All Educated Are Maths and Coding Experts: Indians are well-known for software development and some great mathematicians have born in the country, but it does not mean all educated people have specialization in maths and coding. People have specialization in other professions as well in the country and they are doing well in and out of the nation.

Snake Charmers and Elephants Everywhere: Old times have gone. In today’s ear snake charmers are very limited in India. Though many elephants can be seen as pets in South India, it does not mean they always roam around in the streets.

Wear Only Saree and Kurta: Traditional Indian clothes are well known throughout the world, but Indians also wear western wear just like western people wear Indian wears. On top of it, additional clothing options are available in India more than saree and kurta.

All Revere Cows: In Hinduism cows are holy. Hindus worship cows, but not people from other religion. So it’s myth that all religious people worship cows in India.

India Is Only For Hindus: India is a secular country and Indian constitution allows people to follow all faiths. Though Hindus constitute 80% of the country’s population, other religious people are equally treated without any discrimination.

Indians Have Funny Accent: When Indians speak English or any other native language, the influence of their mother tongue is visible. That may look funny to others but nothing can be done in one’s speaking.

Poor Hygiene: Cleanliness is important for a healthy life. Indians do take care of it but area of scope still exists in this.

Live Like Bollywood: Nobody can deny that fact that cinema has great influence in Indian society, mostly among youngsters. Indians may try to act like their favourite Bollywood stars, but in their reality they believe in a simple life.

Taxi Drivers In Foreign: Many Indians can be seen in airports as taxi drivers, but it does not mean all Indians go to abroad to drive vehicles. Top companies CEO like Google and Microsoft are also native Indians.

Indians Are Not Fair: India is a big country and Indians are not of same colour. Diversity among people can be seen in every region of the country. Fair and white Indians are also in the country who look beautiful and attractive. Indians girls have even won Miss World and Miss Universe pageants.

Indians Or Native Americans: People mistakenly consider Indians as native Americans. That needs to be clearly understood by the other persons whom they are taking to.

No Pet Tigers: Indians have many tigers, but no one has it as pet animal. Arabs do have pet tigers. Don’t misunderstand all Asians as one.

Eat With Hands: Eating food with hand is common in India, but before doing so hands are also washed cleanly. Food consumption is done with utmost care with hand or spoon. But there is no compulsion to eat food from hand. If someone wants to eat food from spoon, he/she can do it.

Don’t Affect Living With Parents: Joint family is common in India, wherein children live with their parents even after their wedding. Living with children and grandchildren is not so bad but it also creates generation gap and due to lack of space and money, it sometimes leads to family problems. Nuclear family concept is also becoming common these days in metro cities.