15 Indoor Plants That Purify Air

Air purification at home is necessary to avoid suffocation and stay happily and healthy with your loved ones. Getting suitable indoor plant that purifies air is not only beneficial for health but also good for nice aroma that can make your home a comfortable place to live in.

Indoor plants that purify air are essential that everyone should look for. In this post, I will explain some beautiful plants that you can growth inside your home.


1. Rosemary

  • Rosemary is an ideal plant for your home. It can also be used for making tea or cooking.
  • The plant improves cognitive function; hence ideal for a healthy brain.
  • Just like other plants, rosemary purifies air for a fresh and healthy ambiance.
  • The ever-green leaves of rosemary are attractive and the plant can be kept inside the home throughout the winter season.

2. Peace Lily

  • One of the rare plants that bloom extensively indoor.
  • The seashell-shaped plant looks exclusive that makes it a home decor item as well.
  • It requires less sunlight to grow.

3. Lavender

First of all, it is important to confirm whether you are allergic or not to lavender. If not, you can go ahead and plant it in your house. Here are the major factors to plant lavender:

  • Lavender is stunning insect repellent.
  • The plant relaxes in anxiety.
  • Its aroma relaxes lungs and provides calm and comfy sleep.

4. Woodbine

  • Woodbine takes around two years to properly grow and blossom in your house.
  • You can grow it from seeds.
  • The herb is ideal to grow alongside stairs.
  • With a pleasant aroma, woodbine is ideal for sleep at night.

5. Basil

  • Basil is a popular spice and herb and used in various food items.
  • Its leaves increase the taste of salad and good for digestion.
  • The plant can be cultivated in all the climates.

6. Coffee Plant

  • Coffee plants are commonly used at homes in comparison of avocado seeding.
  • Sufficient sunlight is required to glow the plant in bees and wasps.
  • Around 120 subspecies can be found for coffee plants and the best part is the most of them can be planted indoor.

7. Mint

  • Mint is a suitable plant for home and best herb during winter season.
  • With pleasant aroma, you can feel the charm of mint herb.
  • Terrace garden is an ideal place to plant mint.

8. Jasmine

Opening time of jasmine flowers is between 6 to 8 PM during low temperature. During that time the aroma is fabulous throughout the house.

  • Jasmine tea is also very tasty that you must try.
  • The plant is not too expensive and can be easily grown by anyone.
  • It is used as air purifier and the magical aroma is certainly unmatchable.


Geraniums can be found in over 200 types. Their qualities include:

  • Air purifier
  • Bloom in an excellent manner
  • Great aroma
  • Attractive look

10. Boston Fern

  • Boston Ferns are suitable for homes because these get rid of formaldehyde more than any other plant.
  • They also detoxify other harmful air pollutants like xylene and benzene.
  • Look is attractive and the plants can be placed in the balcony, comfortably.

11. Palm Trees

  • Palm trees detoxify indoor air and offer clean and healthy air to your and your family.
  • These plants can be cared very easily.
  • Palm trees clean air, mainly formaldehyde.
  • These plants like cooler temperatures to grow.

12. Rubber Plants and Janet Craigs

  • Rubber plants and janet craigs are ideal formaldehyde to clean the air.
  • Breathe comfortably with rubber plants and janet craigs at your home with their ability to deal harmful pollution.
  • Both plants require little sunlight to grow.

13. English Ivy

  • English ivy is good formaldehyde remover and purifies air for a healthy home condition.
  • The plant can be used as a decorative item to improve the appearance of your home.
  • Watering can be done occasionally to make it growing.

14. Golden Pothos

  • The plant does not die so easily and it even stays alive when over-watered.
  • Effectively detoxifies air.
  • Good to remove formaldehyde.

15. Discovery of Kamal Meattle

Kamal Meattle is an Indian environmental activist and he talked about beautiful plants that can kept indoor. These plants include:

  • Epipremnum aureum (Money plant)
  • Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (Areka palm)
  • Sansevieria trifasciata (mother-in-law’s tongue)

I am really impressed with Kamal Meattle’s innovative thinking and planted Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (Areka palm) in my balcony.

It’s up to you how to make your house smell good. I would suggest you to plant the best houseplants to clean air for the betterment of your and those who are living with you in your house. Just ensure to keep the indoor plant neat and clean.