12 Common Misconceptions About Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest religion on earth. Ancient proofs of Hinduism still exist to the time when other religions were not in practice. The religion has billions of followers throughout the world. But other religious people have lots of misunderstanding about Hinduism. I am just trying to tell you the truth of Hinduism and Hindus in current era.

Religion Is Called Hinduism: The first and foremost thing is that the real name of Hinduism is Sanatana Dharm. The term Hinduism was derived from Persians who connected it from Indus River. Though modern Indians have adopted Hinduism as their religion, the term came from the West.

Hindus Are Polytheistic and Believe in Millions of Gods and Goddesses: Hindus have too many gods that differ from one area to another. Polytheism tells that can be many gods but monotheism teaches that there is only one god. Hinduism is based on polytheism with millions of deities. Hindus believe that God can be different for different individuals as God is complex to understand for everyone.

All Hindus Are Vegetarian: Hinduism teaches to stay vegetarian for a healthy life. Many Hindus are vegetarian but not all. Around 70% Hindus eat non-vegetarian food.

Organized Religion: Religions like Islam and Christianity were spread by missionaries but nobody did the same thing in Hinduism. Hinduism was not in force conversion. The origin of Hinduism is not specified. The Hindu practices developed around 500–300 BC and still followed religiously.

Caste Discrimination: Hinduism does not have any caste system. People have themselves formed groups and divided them into different castes. Hinduism never tells anyone to discriminate one person to another, it’s people who do it.

Idol Worship: It is a common misperception that Hindus worship idols. In fact Hinduism tells that God exists in everything. Idol worship is just a part of the religion. Hindus believe that even a stone has God and the almighty can be found anywhere.

Cow Worship: Hindus don’t worship cows, instead they give respect and honor the animal for its calm and gentle behaviour. They give food, water to the cows and also care for them.

Only Married Women Can Have Bindis: Wearing bindi on forehead does not mean the wearer is married. Unmarried girls can also have bindi on their forehead. Bindi is just for makeover should not be considered as marital status.

Hinduism Is Older Than Judaism: Hinduism came in picture in AD 1800 but Judaism was originated around 1500 BC. Though there is no fix inception date of both religions, Judaism is commonly considered as the oldest religion.

Bhagavad Gita Is Hindu Bible: Bhagavad Gita is a well-organized Hindu texts but it is not Hindu Bible. The sacred texts tell about the truth of life and life cycle. It has no link with Bible.

Women Not Treated Equally: There are some areas wherein women face issues with equal rights, but it is not due to Hinduism. The religion never teaches to discriminate any gender. In fact there are many goddesses in Hinduism. Hindus worship female deities like Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc.

Karma Is Fatalistic: Karma believes in a person’s deeds and actions and they determine his/her future birth. Past actions also play role in getting a next birth but the main aim of karma is to become free from the cycle of rebirth and get moksha.

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