12 Common Misconceptions About Feminism

Feminism is something that supports women’s equal right like men. It talks about women empowerment and growth of women in society; still people have misconceptions about feminism. The misunderstanding leads to confusion among people that I would like to clarify from this write-up.


Feminists Are Lesbians: This is one of the most common misperceptions for feminism. Feminist men or women are not bisexual; they just talk about women’s rights. May be out of all feminists, few are lesbians or gay, but that does not mean only such people support women’s freedom.

Female Feminist Hate Men: All feminist women do not hate men. They love men like other women. Talking about a gender’s equality does not mean they are talking in negative sense for other gender. Thinking need to be broad to understand the concept of feminism.

Feminists Are Only White Women: Anybody’s color does not define her approach towards women’s movement. Even men can be feminist.

Women Can Not Be Feminine and Feminist At Same Time: Completely wrong conception. A feminine woman can have feminist approach.

Feminism Is Mainly About Male Bashing: Feminism not about male bashing or men’s wrongdoings. It’s simple a doctrine that advocates women’s equal rights despite of any bad activity by men.

Men Are Not Feminist: There are men who support equally for women’s rights. Men from all across the globe take part in women’s empowerment activities.

Feminism Can Harm Men: When women of any society are self-dependent, it only helps their family and other men nearby. Overall, it makes a better society to live in for both men and women. So feminism is equally beneficial for men.

Feminism Is A Fight for Power: It’s not a fight or any sort of activity to target someone. Feminism is purely a movement for equality for everyone.

Feminists Lack Sense of Humour: Feminists are equally mentally stable like common people. They just cannot stay silent, if anything is wrong is going on in front of them.

Feminists Want Everything Easily: Asking for own rights is not begging and feminist women just want what men in society are getting.

Feminist Women Don’t Marry: Fake conception! Feminist women marry men and live a happy married life. They just raise their voice to ask for their rights.

All Feminists Are Career-Oriented: Housewives or women from any profession can be feminists.