11 Common Misconceptions About Yoga

Yoga is a discipline to live a life through devotion, knowledge and consecutive actions. Yoga is a pattern of exercises practised to improve control of your mind and body. With yoga asanas, you can not only remain physically and mentally healthy, but also live a peaceful and satisfactory life. Yoga can do wonders in your living by providing self-control. Many people around the world still have misunderstanding about yoga and its exercises. In this article, I am going to explain about common misconceptions about yoga so that you can understand them and get the benefits of yoga.


Yoga Is For Specific Gender: Anybody can do yoga be they are men or women. With the help of yoga exercises, all people can stay fit and healthy.

Yoga Exercises Are Easy: Though yoga asanas may look simple, there are some schools of yoga that are physically challenging. It is very hard to properly perform some yoga exercises without a good practice. They require flexibility, stamina and strength.

Yoga Like Fitness Class: Yoga is more than just staying healthy and fit. Yoga can be used for meditation. If you stay tensed in your day-to-day busy life, I would suggest you to start doing yoga workouts and get rid of stress and tension.

Religious Practice: Chanting Om which is related to Hindu deity Lord Shiva in yoga is considered as religious touch in the exercise. Other religious groups have raised their voice against yoga practises. In fact Om or asanas used in yoga is just for meditation purpose and not to convert people to Hinduism.

Give Up Clothing, Alcohol and Non-Vegetarian Food: You might have heard about yogi who never wear much clothes, don’t drink or eat flesh. It is not compulsory to do such things. You can still enjoy alcohol, non-veg food and wear attractive outfits and simultaneously do yoga exercises.

A Spiritual Practice: Spirituality is wrongly quoted in yoga. A good lifestyle is the demand of everyone and yoga simply does that for people.

Can’t Sleep With Yoga Teacher: Expectations are everywhere and teacher and student relationships are not new. (It does not mean you have licence to sleep with your yoga teacher. Have patience a choose a right person in your life.)

You Need to Go to A Yoga Studio To Learn Its Exercises: You can simply learn yoga asanas at your home reading yoga books, watching online yoga videos, etc. Just get a good yoga mat that is really helpful while doing different types of asanas.

Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Physical Poses: Some yoga asanas need meditation, deep breathing and even physical poses, but not all are difficult to perform. Practising yoga exercises like dhyana and pranayama do not need these things.

Yoga Can Be Dangerous: If performed with proper guidance, yoga exercises never harm anybody. New yoga trainees should not stretch too much and do it step by step.

Yoga Is Girly: Nothing like that. Yoga is not too easy to perform. In gym people life heavy weight that does not mean they are doing tougher exercises than yoga asanas. Some yoga exercises are too difficult that require lots of practice to learn.