10 Yoga Exercises To Increase Height Fast (Really Effective and Tested Poses)

Yoga is a natural and safe way of exercising. Its asanas are built to offer you so many benefits including increasing your height rapidly. The best way of choosing this method is just by following some reliable tips. An increased height will improve your personality and also boost your self-confidence. So, it is good to take some right measures and look tall and attractive. Yoga teachers like Baba Ramdev ensure to come up with suitable practices to enhance your appearance. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some secret yoga poses.

1. Surya Namaskara: This yoga asana is also called as ‘Sun Salutation’. You can do it daily in the morning and stay fit and healthy.

2. Hastapadasana: The exercise is really good to increase a few extra inches of your height. It is known as ‘Hand To Foot Pose’ and truly useful to look impressive.

3. Sukhasana: It is known to be as ‘Easy Pose’. I have been doing this workout regularly and it is helping me to increase my height.

4. Chakrasana: With the help of asana which is also called as ‘Wheel Pose’, it is easy to get extra inches of height.

5. Talasana: The effective asana which is known as ‘Mountain Pose’ is highly useful. It works really well for short guys and girls.

6. Vriksasana: In this position which is also called as ‘Tree Pose’, you just need to shape up your body like a tree. It’s truly an effective way of getting into a good shape.

7. Trikonasana: It is an impressive and highly effective asana. The exercise is also known as ‘Triangle Pose’ and I comfortable do it without any trouble.

8. Parivrtta: Getting into a good shape and looking tall is possible with this asana which is also known as ‘Revolved Triangle Pose’. I regularly do it to look attractive and showcase my amazing look.

9. Svanasana: I ensure to perform this exercise on a regular basis. This asana is called as ‘Downward-Facing Dog Pose’. In this exercise, you just need to make an upward position like a dog and perform it perfectly.

10. Bidalasana: In this asana, you can make a position like a cat and look amazing. This asana is also known as ‘Cat Pose’.

The above yoga exercises don’t have any side effects and you can perform them regularly. But, never be in hurry to overdue all of them in one day. Beginners need to get familiarity with the workout and learn it step-by-step. Increasing your height with these yoga poses will take a few months or more and you have to be patient enough to wait for good results. Otherwise, these exercises will give you other health benefits as well.

Apart from the above exercises, you can also try out the following yoga asanas given in the following videos.