10 Most Weirdest Diseases On Earth

Vampire Syndrome? Blue-skinned people? Have you ever heard these terms before? These horrific things are diseases as well. Though such diseases are rare, they are real and nobody wants to suffer from them. Here in this article, I am going to share with you 10 most horrifying and rare diseases.


It is caused by a small defect in children’s genetic code. However, it has life-changing and devastating consequences. On an average, a child with Progeria dies before reaching 13 years of age. This disease is very rare but there are approximately 48 patients of Progeria around the world.


In this disease, certain part of the body commonly scrotum, arms or legs get swollen. Elephantiasis is also known as Lymphatic filariasis. This disease happens due to parasitic worms like B. timori, Brugia malayi and Wuchereria bancrofti. Elephantiasis suffering patients are currently around 120 million across the globe.

Werewolf Syndrome

When 2 years old Abys DeJesus became dark and grew up in the same manner with hairy patches on her entire face, doctors declared that she is suffering from Human Werewolf Syndrome. This disease is known as werewolf syndrome as patients appear like werewolves.


A big family used to live in hills nearby Troublesome Creek in Kentucky till 1960s and they were called as “Blue People”. They were having blue Fugates. They did not face any major illness in their lifespan due to their blue skin.


This is an eating disease commonly occur in children. In this condition, patients attract toward eating non-nutritional objects like clay, dirt, glue or paper. It is believed that the disease is related to mineral deficiency, but medical experts have not yet found any exact cause of it and neither treatment to it.

Vampire Disease

In this situation, people avoid the sun because if they come to its contact, their skin gets blistered. Some of those patients have blistering and pain the moment their skin touches the sunrays. Though they are not real vampires, they suffer from a disease that has symptoms related to vampires.

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)

AIWS is also known as micropsia which is a disorienting neurological disease which affect the visual perception. The object perceived by people appears very close and far away at the same moment.

Blaschko’s lines

In this disease, there are some strange stripes come over most of the body. Many acquired and inherited diseases of mucosa or skin manifest themselves as per such patterns producing the visual form of stripes.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Walking corpse syndrome is a syndrome of depression and tendencies to suicide. In this condition, patients complain of having everything lost like parts of the body. It believes that the person has died and walking like a dead man.

Jumping Frenchman Disorder

Patients of this disease are extremely startled by unusual sight or noise. It is not like twitching when anyone sneaks from somewhere. Patients flail their legs and arms, speak repetitive words and cry out loud.