10 Easy Breathing Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat: Abdominal Exercises

If you are obese and mainly in your belly area, you can easily get rid of the excessive fat simply by following easy breathing workouts. First of all, abdominal exercises consist a wide range of benefits that can not only remove fat from your belly but also ensure to make you fit and help in maintaining a good figure.

Belly fat looks ugly that simply makes anyone looks older and unattractive. This condition can be very dangerous to your health as it may lead to a number of internal diseases. Some of the most common problems that occur due to belly fat include diabetes high cholesterol, heart attack, hypertension and heart stroke. It is not so easy to easily get rid of belly fat and the process can take even 6-8 months. To make your waist slim you need to do plenty of exercises, cardiovascular, abs workouts, crunches and religiously follow weight loss diet chart. Today’s busy lifestyle has made people less active and they don’t get time to do physical activities. But belly fat can be reduced with breathing exercises that can be done at home within a limited time.

Deep breathing workout is a good way to reduce your belly fat without putting pressure on your body. It is simply the best practise to shape up your body in a relaxing manner. Fat can be easily reduced above the abdominal area with breathing exercises. Breathing exercise is a type of pranayama, mainly linked to yoga. It can not only help you maintain your weight but also to improve your abdominal muscles and improve digestion.


Breathing Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat:

It is not too difficult to shed off your belly fat. A strict exercise module is really helpful in doing so. If you are also a victim of belly fat due to lack of physical activities, you can try the following easy breathing workouts.

Toning Up Your Tummy:

To perform this exercise, you first need to lie down on the floor to your back. Bend the knees and breath as hard as possible. Pull your tummy in and hold your breath for at least ten to fifteen seconds. If you want to feel the difference in your stomach, put your one hand over it and then breathe hard. Some people think that it is also effective when done in sitting position. You can try this exercise now as well while reading this article.

Diaphragm Breathing:

With the help of this exercise, you can plan to reduce your fat. The effective yet easy weight loss exercise ensures to improve your overall health. By deep breathing, you can also make your abdominal muscles stronger and flexible. Diaphragm breathing also improves the capacity of the lungs to take more air.

To perform this workout, you first need to lie down on your back on a mat. Notice the movement in your stomach and chest while taking deep breaths. Take as much as deep breathes you can and hold it for a long time. Exhale the breath only when you feel that now I can’t hold breath any longer. Regular practice of this exercise will surely improve your digestion system and reduce fats.

Stomach Vacuum:

In this workout, you will learn how you can empty your lungs with all the air. If you crave for six pack abs, stomach vacuum is the best exercise as it will curve your stomach in a shape that it will automatically show the hidden abs.

Place your hands and knees on the mat. Now exhale all the air from your lungs and pull your belly in until it touches the spine (do it as per your capacity and anytime you feel you can’t hold the breath, then leave it and come in the normal position). Repeat this exercise ten times a day and in a short while, you will start seeing good results.

Deep Breathes:

Losing belly fat is also possible by taking deep breathing. In yoga, this workout is called as pranayama asana. Do it for ten to fifteen minutes regularly and it will refresh your brain and remove anxiety. By doing so will help you burn calories and increase the intake of oxygen. Deep breaths can also be called as a stress buster.

Simply sit back straight and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and try to concentrate on it. You’ll surely feel refreshed after performing this exercise.

Abdominal Breathing:

With the help of this exercise, you can burn a lot of calories and make your belly slim. To do this, you just need to sit on the ground on your knees and breathe while pulling your stomach. Count till ten and the leave the breath. Do it at least ten times on a daily basis.

Shining the Skull Breathing:

Reducing belly fat as well strengthening muscles are the two main benefits of shining the skull breathing exercise. It also helps for eyestrain, cold, respiratory problems and various allergies. You just need to sit straight and feel comfortable while inhaling fresh air.

Mouth Breathing:

Breathing from mouth gives a refreshing experience and eventually burns belly fat. It is also good for toning up your chin and cheeks. You can perform this exercise in both sitting and standing positions. Simply open your mouth and inhale deep breaths and then exhale after a few seconds.

Stimulating Breathing:

The exercise is good to stimulate your senses and keep you active throughout the day. You can improve the strength of your body by doing stimulating breathing on a regular basis. It relaxes your entire body. Sit straight on a chair by keeping your mouth closed in a relaxing manner. Perform this exercise just fifteen minutes a day to reduce your belly fat.

Flying Stomach Lock:

The best part about flying stomach lock is that the technique is an ideal way to lose belly fat and get an attractive abdominal area. In this exercise, you need to pull the stomach in by inhaling breath.

Belly Breathing:

Belly breathing is a kind of yoga asana that improves your stamina and provides plenty of energy. It can also help you get rid of anxiety.

To do this exercise, you need to comfortably sit on a chair keeping your spinal cord straight. Concentrate on the breathing and forget all your worries. Belly will surely become tight and with time, all the fat gets removed.

Make sure to perform breathing exercises in the early morning because inhaling fresh air can do the wonders. The breathing exercises can reduce your belly fat only when you do it on a regular basis. Do it for 10-15 days continuously and then analyse the changes in your belly. You’ll certainly feel less fat around your belly.

Advantages of Breathing Exercises:

Breathing does not require any additional effort but it is important to breathe in a right way to live a healthy life. In this article, I am going to share with you some salient features of breathing exercises for a good health.

Breathing is good for toning up your organs. With the help of diaphragm exercise, you can improve your organs like small intestine, heart, pancreas, liver and stomach.

Good for weight loss. If you have excessive fat in your belly area, considering breathing exercises can be a boon for you to get a well-curved belly.

Stress buster. Deep breathes increase the count of oxygen to your body and reduce unwanted anxiety, anger and stress.

Provide relaxation to the mind. Mental relief is what every individual craves for. When you are relieved, you can simply concentrate on your job and perform it with full dedication.

Breathing is a good detoxifier. Body cleansing is an essential aspect of weight loss. Breathing releases around 70% of the toxins from the human body. That’s why you should deeply think about taking proper breathing at the regular intervals throughout the day.